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Andrew Tate unbanned on Twitter by Elon Musk! Reason explained!

In returning to Twitter, Andrew Tate has joined a host of other well-known online personalities.

Tate’s comeback has been widely rumoured ever since Elon Musk took over as the platform’s CEO.

Tate, who currently resides in Dubai, joins the list of users who have been unbanned along with people like comedian Kathy Griffin, clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson, and The Babylon Bee, a right-wing website. Donald Trump is another well-known figure who is rumoured to be lifted off the list soon.

Elon Musk’s reported decision to “do away with permanent bans” on Twitter possibly the reason behind Andrew Tate’s return to the platform

Twitter lifetime bans have been the subject of rumours since an exclusive Bloomberg article was released in October.

According to the article, Elon Musk intended to reinstate customers who had been permanently barred. It said:

In addition, the source claimed that Musk doesn’t support lifetime bans on users and wants to do away with them. The implication is that those who were previously kicked off the platform might now be permitted to do so.

Musk said in a tweet on Friday that he will be “digging in more today” in response to a Twitter user who claimed they were being “shadowbanned, ghostbanned, search banned” and had their followers erased.

This might be the cause of Andrew Tate’s readmission after being first suspended in 2017. Musk has not yet made any public remarks about the reinstatement.

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Why was Andrew Tate banned in the first place?

For those who are unaware, Andrew Tate was heavily criticised earlier this year. His account was deleted from a number of platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, for posting controversial comments about women that were perceived as “toxic” and “hypermasculine.”

But in 2017, Twitter was the first significant site to take down the former kickboxer. After opposing the #MeToo movement, the internet celebrity, who was reasonably well-known at the time, was removed from the platform.

He agreed that those who engage in “r*pe” are the main offenders, but he also believed that women should be held accountable for placing themselves in danger.

Has he spoken out against the ban?

Following his unbanning, Andrew Tate tweeted a mysterious message that received over 73k likes and 10k retweets. His @Cobratate Twitter account published a picture with the caption:

“Mastery is a strange concept. It almost seems as though, given enough time, losing is simply not an option. That is how Wudan operates.”

Tate hasn’t yet had his account marked with a “blue tick.” It is unknown if he will also be allowed to use other social networking sites.

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