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Who is ‘Female’ Andrew Tate? Everything About “Anti-Feminist” YouTuber Hannah Pearl Davis

Who is ‘Female’ Andrew Tate?: UFC News: The “female Andrew Tate” is an “anti-feminist” YouTuber who thinks divorce should be forbidden and…

Who is ‘Female’ Andrew Tate?: UFC News: The “female Andrew Tate” is an “anti-feminist” YouTuber who thinks divorce should be forbidden and women shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Follow UFC News Updates with InsideSports.IN.

For her conservative stances, Hannah Pearl Davis, 26, also known as “Pearl,” has gained more than 1.5 million followers. In recent months, videos of her provocative remarks have frequently gone viral on Twitter and TikTok.

Due to her controversial views, she has been compared to Andrew Tate, who is very well known to give out divisive opinions on the internet. Pearl Davis’s views on different aspects have caused outrage amongst the common mass.

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Everything About “Anti-Feminist” YouTuber Hannah Pearl Davis

According to SocialBlade, her YouTube audience has grown from 960,000 followers to 1.54 million since Andrew Tate’s appearance.

Who is ‘Female’ Andrew Tate? Everything About “Anti-Feminist” YouTuber Hannah Pearl Davis

Tate, 36, who became one of the world’s most famous influencers for sharing his controversial views online, had been a guest on her channel shortly before he was taken into custody.

Since then her YouTube following has increased from 960,000 subscribers to 1.54 million, according to SocialBlade.

Davis now resides in London, where she first found some success shooting street interviews. She also produces viral video material including witty “whiteboard” presentations and presents a chat show on YouTube called The Pregame.

She joined YouTube in 2020, but her popularity didn’t really take off until May 2022, when her audience grew from 25,000 to more than 500,000 in just six months thanks to her edgier content.

Her videos have received more than 781 million views on YouTube and more than 300 million views on Twitter with the hashtag #justpearlythings.

She admitted to Insider earlier this year that while in college, she was influenced by watching videos of well-known right-wing individuals including Ben Shapiro, the founder of The Daily Wire, and economist Thomas Sowell.

The 26-year-old social media star has over 1.5 million YouTube subscribers thanks to her expression of conservative views, which include supporting the prohibition of divorce and opposing women’s suffrage.

Her opinion that women shouldn’t be allowed to vote, which she voiced in a Twitter video, is one of her most divisive positions. She attempted to justify men’s animosity towards women by citing facts about sexual history, contraception, abortion, and sexually transmitted illnesses. Hannah claimed that support payments for single moms are one example of how society’s institutions support women.

She added that politicians court women in order to win votes, which prevents any prospective revisions to the law. Hannah argued that, given the implications of the financial responsibilities placed on males as a result of women’s decisions, society must take into account whether each individual merits the right to vote.

Hannah questioned the one-sided nature of the discourse in a video about censorship on social media, underlining the necessity for open dialogue and taking men’s issues into account alongside women’s. She expressed her worries about biased censoring, saying that material that negatively represents women is frequently removed or repressed.

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