1. Qatar was chosen as the host of the World Cup in 2010.

1The event cost $300 billion and generated a lot of controversy.

The World Cup has been a success in terms of audience and brand, according to organizers.

However, there are concerns about the long-term impact on Qatar, including unfinished real estate and a glut of hotel rooms

There have also been criticisms of Qatar's treatment of migrant workers and LGBTQ rights

Qatar is also facing corruption allegations as part of a European Union scandal

A court case involving allegations of officials receiving payments for supporting Qatar's bid for the World Cup will begin next month

Qatar has made progress on workers' rights but implementation is still lacking, according to some groups

Qatar hoped the World Cup would improve its image and make it a tourism and business destination like Dubai

The long-term impact of major sporting events on host cities is mixed, with some seeing benefits and others experiencing a "comedown" after the event

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