Andrew Tate was removed from multiple online platforms.

Up until 2022, Andrew Tate was largely unknown, but this year his profile has skyrocketed.

Late in August, Tate was expelled from all major social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter

Tate made the incorrect argument that women lack "innate duty and honour" and that they are partially to blame for sexual assault.

He received billions of views for his videos on TikTok and Instagram before to getting banned.

His most recent business endeavour was Hustler's University, an online school for ambitious alpha guys that provided instruction in cryptocurrency, stock investing, and freelancing.

According to the rising anti-women right-wing extremism that we're witnessing, Josh Roose of Deakin University believes that he is the total package.

Tate argued that losing his voice wouldn't lead to a society free of hate.

Tate is "an illustration of what these [social media] restrictions have been put in place to address," according to Roose.

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