Hustler's University is dedicated to generating income online. HU was founded in 2021 and presently has more than 160,000 students.

All of the courses at Hustler's University are geared toward assisting you in earning money online.

Here are the classes, or "campuses," you have access to when you enrol in Hustler's University, listed in order of popularity.

– Copywriting Campus

– E-Com Campus

– Crypto Campus

– Freelance Campus

– Stocks Campus

– Amazon FBA Campus

– Affiliate Program

Inside the programme, students can learn from a variety of experts and 

The course is offered by Andrew Tate, the company's founder, as a way for total beginners to start earning money online.

Hustler's University caters mostly to Andrew Tate followers who are willing to spend $50 per month for a thorough introduction to numerous internet income streams.

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