Jacob deGrom Signing Elevates Rangers Expectations

Despite just managing the Texas Rangers for six weeks, Bruce Bochy has unquestionably developed his mind.

Bochy wasn't sure whether to pop the cork, pick his opening-day starter, or start thinking about his summer rotation.

When the Rangers and ace Jacob deGrom agreed to a five-year, $185 million contract.

Bochy recognised the Rangers' intent to pursue aggressively in the free-agent market, much as they did when they spent $500 million on infielders Corey Seager and Marcus Semien last year.

Following three seasons of absence, Bochy agreed to a three-year deal with the Rangers.

Although free agency has so many unpredicted twists and turns that no one can ever be fully assured, he was thrilled that deGrom was intrigued and GM Chris Young started to sound optimistic.

I was happy with that," Bochy said. "But you realise that many clubs are going to speak to the man.

Because of this, you are still ignorant of both your present circumstances and his thoughts. Its future course is still unknown to you.

The next day [Young] called and started talking before declaring, "We got him. Jacob was discovered!

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