Sister Wives: Kody Brown Admits He Doesn't Want to be in Relationship with Meri Brown Anymore

In Sunday's episode of "Sister Wives," Kody and Meri Brown discussed their complicated relationship dynamics with Janelle and Robyn Brown.

Kody admitted that he no longer wants to be in a relationship with Meri, despite her efforts to support him.

The revelation was surprising, as Kody previously considered reconciling with Meri.

Christine Brown called Kody's claim that she was the reason he didn't reconcile with Meri "a lie."

Kody and Janelle also butted heads over his strict COVID-19 rules, with Janelle walking off after Kody shouted at her.

In a sneak peek at the upcoming "Sister Wives: One on One" special, Kody and Janelle confirmed their separation.

The episode also featured discussions about the family's failed attempts at building a strong unit.

Meri said it was "disturbing" to hear Kody talk about the issues he was having with Christine, as he had similar issues with Meri.

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