Jake Paul has announced that he will be fighting in February 2023 and he has sent the offer to three fighters.

The possible opponents for Jake Paul's next fight are Nate Diaz, who recently retired from UFC, and Andrew Tate.

Andrew Tate and Jake Paul recently faced off against each other in Saudi Arabia and sparked the rumor of a potential boxing match.

Andrew Tate was banned from social media platforms because of his controversial opinions and "misogynist" views.

However, it turns out Andrew Tate portrays an act for his audience and it has worked for him quite well so far.

Recently, Logan Paul, who has a rivalry with Top G, said that he believes Andrew Tate is putting on a show for his fans.

"Jake was just with him in Dubai, apparently it's a f***g act. it's a f****g act bro. It's a show. Jake said his brother Tristan is like a good solid more down to earth guy in real life."- Logan stated.

Andrew Tate does not like Logan Paul and he has called him out to a boxing match multiple times in the past.

Internet sensation, Andrew Tate talks about the conditions for a potential fight against WWE superstar Logan Paul

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