Jennifer Lawrence Had One Big Fear When It Came To Sex

Jennifer revealed during a promo interview for a 2018 film that even though she sounded like a total pro, she was careful when it came to sex.

Her reservations stem mainly from her fear of germs and contracting sexually transmitted infections.

She said if it got to a point where she would get an STI, doctors would have been involved.

Despite her reservations, she acted out a sex scene with Chris Pratt in “Passengers.”

The pair had fallen in love after they prematurely woke up from a deep sleep aboard a spaceship.

The film faced backlash for its similarities with the concept of date rape.

The actress once considered getting an abortion after she became pregnant during her 20s.

However, she never got the chance to get the abortion as she suffered a miscarriage.She has been vocal about women getting safe abortions since then.

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