A Maharashtra based man married identical twin sisters from Mumbai last Friday.

The pictures of the wedding soon went viral, where the man is seen posing in between the two identical twins.

Many videos were also posted online which were widely circulated across social media. But this led to a police complaint regarding the marriage.

The identical twins Pinky Padgaonkar and Rinky Padgaonkar, both 36 years old, married Atul in a Hindu ceremony in Mumbai.

Both the sisters are IT professionals. They say that the union happened with the consent of both their families.

The man belonged to Solapur, where the police booked the man for marrying two women.

He had helped both the sisters cope with an accident they had met with a few months ago. Their mother was also involved in the accident.

Reportedly both the sisters did not want to part ways after marriage. So the man was married to Rinky first, followed by Pinky in the same wedding ceremony.

A non cognisable offence complaint was filed by a local under section 494 of the Indian Penal Code.

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