Over the past year, Discord has been testing creator monetization through what it called “Premium Memberships

Now, it’s renaming the feature from Premium Memberships to Server Subscriptions

Launching them to all eligible servers with owners based in the United States.

Just like with Twitch and YouTube’s features, Server Subscriptions lets server owners charge members of their communities for perks like access to VIP chat channels

They keep 90% of what subscribers pay; Discord takes the other 10% as its cut.

Discord is also introducing a new Creator Portal it says is a “one-stop-shop to educate creators on how to leverage Discord

And, to help creators promote their Server Subscriptions, it’s putting out Promo Pages, a tool that’ll allow server owners to “create a sharable webpage

Server Subscriptions are available to all servers that, as we said, have owners based in the U.S

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