Former Champion Bobby Lashley Fired on WWE Raw After Attack on Officials

Former WWE Champion Bobby Lashley was fired by WWE official Adam Pearce after last night's main event of Raw

Lashley faced off against Seth Rollins in a number one contenders match for Austin Theory's United States Championship to close the show

The match was won by Rollins after he countered Lashley's spear into a pedigree. The Almighty was furious after the loss and decided to take his frustrations on the officials.

Lashley went physical on the WWE referees and he even shoved WWE official Adam Pearce onto the barricade which led to him firing Lashley on the spot

Pearce had already given a warning to the former US Champion after he accidentally speared WWE official Petey Williams on last week's Raw

It looks like Bobby Lashley is being written off TV for a while by the firing angle as there are rumors that he's filming a reality TV show outside of the WWE

It's unclear how long Lashley will be out of action as fans expect The Almighty to be back by Wrestlemania to face off against Brock Lesnar to end their feud

Seth Rollins will now be challenging Austin Theory for the United States championship in the future and it'll be interesting to see who will walk away with the title

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