The most awaited Avtar movie finally is here. avatar the way of water is at the edge of release so here is the review of this James Cameron's masterpiece

‘James Cameron’, is really making us want to believe that aliens are killing machines, and humanity will defeat traveling, also a film can transport you to a historical disaster

In many ways, nowadays in the power of cinema, this ‘avatar of  Pandora, become one of the most ambitious manners of sharing this belief

‘James’ has now pushed all the limits by playing with 3D, high frame rate and other toys, which was not available at the beginning of his career

This entertaining movie is not a retread of ‘Avatar’, it’s a movie where fans can take out the visual elements of ‘titanic’, ‘aliens’ and many more

He also invites all the viewers to his fully realized world, where everything becomes fades away in front of striking image and phenomenally rendered action scenes

Anyone can tell this, ‘James’ really care about the word ‘building’, because this is one of his greatest accomplishments, so he rushes to make in some of the good stuff

When ‘sky people come back, then the excitement of the family becomes fail, in which one of the Avatar of Colonel Miles was also included

The midsection of the film has focus away from the sully/quaritch, because the children of the Jake’s learned the ways of the water clan

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