The two met in person and are currently negotiating the terms of a fight, so Jake Paul and Andrew Tate may actually square off.

On Thursday, the two got together at the Kamani Club in Dubai, the home of PrettyLittleThing creator Umar Kamani.

Paul posted an image on social media with the caption "Negotiations," showing the shirtless competitors squaring off in front of a boxing ring.

Tate, a controversial figure, made Jake an offer for $3 million to fight again in 2021, but Jake already had other opponents in mind.

Jake said the 76-9 kickboxer, who previously briefly competed in MMA, doesn't really want to fight him or Logan during a recent episode of his brother Logan Paul's podcast "Impaulsive."

In August, Jake said, "I don't think he goes in the ring with one of us."

And when he loses—and he will lose to one of us if we fight—all the women will be like, "Yeah!" and his entire act will be rendered useless,Paul said.

Tate's catchphrase was criticised by The Problem Child as well.

"Andrew, it's not cool to tell youngsters they need a Buggati to be cool," Paul remarked.

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