Andrew Tate became an internet sensation in 2022 after his clips talking about various aspect of life went viral on social media.

However, his popularity became his enemy as after a few months of success he got canceled from all social media platform.

However, Andrew Tate is still very relevant and has a bad blood with YouTube star Logan Paul, who turned against him after he was canceled.

Andrew Tate believes Logan Paul is a sold out and he is scared to put forward his opinion after getting canceled in 2018 for a controversial video in Japan.

"Logan Paul is a bought and sold individual with no soul, he doesn't stand up for anything. He doesn't mean anything he says"- Tate said

"Because he was canceled before and it emotionally destroyed him, he is so fearful of them all and scared of being canceled again, he's going to sit there and say everything he's told."

Logan Paul has bounced back after getting canceled a few years ago as he is a pro boxer and a successful WWE superstar now.

And there is a big possibility that Logan Paul will end up fighting Andrew Tate in a boxing or MMA fight in the near future.

Internet sensation, Andrew Tate talks about the conditions for a potential fight against WWE superstar Logan Paul

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