Spotlight Andrew Tate has now been a trending topic on the internet for a considerable length of time. The controversial kickboxer lately expressed his desire to fight Jake Paul and ever since rose to the surface.

Spotlight While Jake Paul is still busy with his upcoming August 6th match with Hasim Rahman Jr., Andrew Tate is making one startling claim after another.

Spotlight In the near past, he took the world by storm when he publicly announced that he was more popular than U.S. Presidents Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

Spotlight Now it seems there was a well-thought reason behind such unforeseen assertions. Andrew Tate wants to stay viral. As per his latest words, he is on to something.

Spotlight Recently, Tate appeared on the Full Send Podcast. Incited by the host Kyle, Tate talked about a variety of topics, such as Hustlers University and The War Zone.

Spotlight At one point in their conversation, Kyle asked how long Tate desired to remain viral on the internet. Here is what the self-claimed Mafia and $100-million worth kickboxer told.

Spotlight He said, “This is stage 1 of a 3-step plan. So I’m gonna be viral a little longer. Then step 2 begins. The conquest is continuing.”

Spotlight Host Kyle from the Full Send Podcast informed Tate that there were people who predicted Tate would fall off the trend. He asked how Tate personally feels about such opinions made by people about his life.

 However, he finally put a value on his net worth by stating that his assets are worth USD 300 – 350 million.

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