The banned influencer Andrew Tate is featured in accounts that promote misogynistic content, but TikTok does not take action against these accounts.

A total of 250 million video views and 5.7 million followers were found among more than 100 accounts that routinely promote content involving Tate, according to CCDH.

One video produced by the accounts had a film with Tate saying that women should "take some degree of responsibility" to stop rape that was viewed 2.5 million times.

Another video where he said “virgins are the only acceptable thing to marry”

Third where he says women who do not want children are “miserable stupid bitches”

The social media network TikTok claims to be "tolerant and supportive" and prohibits content that "praises, promotes, glorifies, or supports any vile ideology," including misogyny.

Members of Hustler's University were told to post videos that would stir up controversy in order to increase the likelihood that they would be discovered by the algorithm and become viral.

The tactic resulted in the formation of numerous imitation accounts that broadcast videos of Tate making offensive or misogynistic remarks.

Numerous accounts have continued posting illegal content, according to the CCDH analysis, which was carried out in October, ostensibly without TikTok's knowledge or taking any action.

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