Andrew Tate has confessed that he will fight Logan Paul on one condition.

The YouTuber-turned-WWE star Paul is set to wrestle Roman Reigns at the upcoming Crown Jewel

Speaking with UFC bantamweight Sean O'Malley on his YouTube channel, Tate revealed that he is ready to fight Logan, but there's a problem.

During the interview, the 35-year-old internet personality bluntly called out Logan for using steroids

Tate added that Logan Paul, who also boxes, has to prove he is not taking any drugs right now:

Tait said, The biggest problem with Logan [Paul] versus me is that I'm a completely clean athlete [and] he's on a sh*tload of steroids.

I have to go on a sh*tload of steroids, and become a super heavyweight because I'm genetically gifted, or he has to pass drug tests,Tate Remarked

Tate added that as long as Paul is laying off the drugs, he is ready to fight him in the boxing ring

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