Andrew Tate's brand of hyper-toxic masculinity is a cynical attempt to game TikTok – and it's working.

The real question is why so many young men are taken in by it

Andrew Tate is a 35-year-old kickboxer who inexplicably speaks and dresses like a man from Florida.

Tate pledged his support to Donald Trump, derided #MeToo accusers, and began popping up in far-right media circles

He repeatedly praised Tommy Robinson, and in 2019, police were called after Tate showed up at the house of a journalist who had been critical of Robinson online

Tate moved to Romania and started a webcam business with his brother Tristan, in which models pedalled “sob stories” in order to encourage men to part with their cash

Business was a “total scam”, the brothers claim to have made millions of dollars from the scheme.

Tate’s 2016 stint on Big Brother was cut short after video emerged of him repeatedly striking a woman with a belt

In one video, Tate describes how he would deal with a woman who accused him of cheating

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