The controversial former kickboxer Andrew Tate's marketing strategy has been dubbed "brilliant" by Israel Adesanya after being flooded with his videos on social media.

Even though Adesanya and Tate competed on distinct circuits before reaching popularity in different ways, they are both former world champions in kickboxing.

Adesanya confesses that he was pleased by Tate's affiliate marketing strategy

Andrew paid ppl to make his fan pages and posts about himself, which is a genius marketing strategy, Adesanya said.

Adesanya belives that Tate is flooded everywhere on Internet.

Tate made people work for him without any conviction.

Adesanya told, Andrew points out Men to speak up the hidden views inside them.

Instead of his views,he offers great enterpreneurship inside his course for Beginners!

You can love him or hate him, But you can't ignore him.

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