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Andrew Tate, a controversial pundit and former professional kickboxer, claimed that he once rented out an entire barbershop to keep people from killing him.

Tate recently detailed what occurred in a video that was posted on Rumble.

Tate claimed that he could “relax” because the area had been examined and there were armed guards nearby whom he could “trust” as he sat outside with the metropolis of Dubai lit up behind him.

He added that he prefers to sit in chairs in restaurants that are tucked in the rear because he doesn’t want to have his back turned away from customers.

Before telling the tale of how someone attempted to “take his life,” he stated, “No matter how good you are, somebody wants you dead.”

The contentious commentator claimed to have a problem with a guy, and the two of them were texting back and forth.

Then, though, the man stopped texting Tate.

He never threatened me, which was a unique dynamic that let people see that when someone has good intentions, they won’t threaten you.

Four days later, Tate claimed that when returning to his car in the middle of the night in an English parking lot, he heard footsteps approaching quickly.

Tate replied that the man in question attempted to stab him and that as a result, his finger had a scar. Tate then turned to look at the other people in the room.

This experience traumatized him and made him hesitant to put his faith in other people.

Tate revealed that he spends “infinite money” on things like hiring private protection and getting a little more solitude when he visits restaurants and barbershops in order to maintain his “peace of mind.”

“When I need a haircut in London, I reserve the entire barbershop. I can’t sit in that chair with a towel covering my face and an unlocked door knowing someone may enter the store and stab me. I’m not able to,” he remarked.

“I purchase the shop for one hour,” Tate continued. I cut my hair, lock the door and close the shutters for an hour before closing the store. I’ve got two guards out there.

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Tate has a history of posting content that some find offensive and misogynistic, which led to him being banned from Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Meta.

But earlier this month, it was announced that the influencer was back on Twitter after a 5-year suspension from the social media site.

It is unclear how long he will continue to use Twitter given that he shared a video on his page mocking Greta Thunberg’s powerful “how dare you” speech.

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