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KSI says he’d “love” to fight Andrew Tate in 2023 after Dillon Danis bout

YouTube star KSI says he’d “love” to take on Andrew Tate in 2023 following his upcoming boxing match against Dillon Danis in January.

KSI is one of the internet’s most popular influencer-boxing personalities, and he’s currently gearing up for the biggest fight of his career against mixed martial artist Dillon Danis.

The two are set to face off on January 14, 2023 — but it looks like KSI is already looking forward to his next opponent if his latest interview is anything to go by.

KSI appeared as a guest on popular streamer Kai Cenat’s Twitch broadcast on December 1 alongside Dillon Danis, where the two got into a bit of a heated spat before Cenat could start asking the hard-hitting questions.

KSI willing to fight Andrew Tate in 2023

One of Cenat’s queries asked if KSI would be willing to fight Andrew Tate, which the influencer answered with an enthusiastic yes.

“Bro, I’d love to fight Andrew Tate,” KSI confirmed. “Oh yeah, of course, bro. He’s been calling me out left, right, and center. I’ve said I’ve wanted to fight Andrew Tate.”

“Do you think that could be a possible fight in 2023?”

“Oh, of course,” the YouTuber answered.

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Thus far, KSI is allegedly slated to have three bouts in 2023, with one of them being against Dillon Danis. Right now, it’s unclear who his next two opponents will be, but Jake Paul is a popular pick among fans for his final bout of the year.

This isn’t the first time KSI has admitted to wanting a fight with Tate, either; the influencer publicly called out Tate in the Boxing Ring directly after defeating Swarmz and Luis Pineda in his ‘two fights, one night’ event in August.

Tate, himself, has also been open to Boxing KSI, notably saying “Why would I not punch him in the face for money?”

For now, it’s unclear if KSI and Tate will ever meet in the boxing ring — but it looks like Jake Paul might have beaten him to the figurative punch if their recents faceoffs are anything to go by.

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