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Is Andrew Tate coming to Fortnite? Explained 

Will Andrew Tate play Fortnite? Even though some fans may go bonkers at the idea of dressing up as “cobratate” and hot-dropping in-game, there is no evidence to suggest that a cooperation is imminent.

Epic Games is unlikely to pursue a partnership with him in light of the recent controversy surrounding him and his social media suspension. Regardless of this, the search phrase “Is Andrew Tate coming to Fortnite?” has been popular for some time.

Why does this phenomenon persist if Epic Games is not going to cooperate? Has Andrew personally made any allusions or have there been leaks about prospective cosmetics? Time to find out is now.

The weird trend behind “Andrew Tate coming to Fortnite” explored

The story of Andrew Tate joining Fortnite at a time when social media sites were banning him somehow snowballed into a meme. He was said to have been blocked from many platforms and services by internet users. This featured titles like GTA, Pokemon, Minecraft, and, of course, Fortnite.

When content producers noticed that this tendency was picking momentum, they made special efforts to join the movement. For views, some produced “clickbait” content, while others produced concept art. Nevertheless, the fad quickly lost popularity as it would have otherwise.

However, Andrew Tate was unbanned from Twitter on November 18, which caused trends pertaining to him to increase. Following this, people on the internet started asking the same question again: “Is Andrew Tate joining Fortnite?”

The answer is still no, but this time the frenzy is being generated by a different contender. The “Dream Booth” AI programme can produce lifelike people and objects in any environment. Using this, mock-ups of Andrew Tate from Fortnite were created.

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Hasbulla had a similar process when the franchise’s creator incorporated him to The Last of Us. These crude AI-generated graphics pave the way for widespread rumours and trends despite their simplicity. The trending topic of “Andrew Tate coming to Fortnite” may also be attributed to content producers.

Many believe he’ll attend the game because some well-known YouTubers, like Jarvis, make content about him. It only seems sense to think that anything is fishy given that Epic Games does advertise certain things through content creators.

But in reality, there isn’t any such collaboration in the works. Given how leakers learn of collaborations weeks and/or months in advance, the community would have been aware of such plans by now.

Will Andrew Tate ever be added to Fortnite?

Epic Games surely won’t take the chance of including him as a skin in Fortnite given the multiple controversies surrounding him and the negative reaction from many. Even if the query “Is Andrew Tate going to Fortnite” occasionally gains popularity, the creators are unlikely to see this as a business opportunity.

Even though he had a fascinating discussion about the game with Clix and had a lot to say, Epic Games decided the risk was not worthwhile. That being said, fan art and concept art are the only ways Andrew Tate will appear in Fortnite.

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