Tristan Tate Praises Andrew Tate

Tristan Tate, a self-described “international playboy” and former kickboxer, has at last shared his opinion on recent developments surrounding his brother Andrew Tate and his alleged conversion to Islam. For those who don’t know, Andrew visited Dubai last month and was spotted praying in a mosque. After then, he announced his conversion to Islam on his social media accounts.

At the time, the abrupt switch caused quite a stir. The younger Tate brother, Tristan, has talked openly about his sibling’s choice of religion:


“I’m very happy for my brother and the decision he made.”

Tristan Tate explains Andrew Tate’s decision to convert to Islam

Since his original online explosion, Andrew Tate has been a well-known figure. Fans and detractors alike have since analysed every aspect of his existence. Further discussion was sparked by his recent conversion to Islam. Tristan Tate outlined Andrew’s decision and said:

“Andrew’s initial point about Islam that he was making many months ago before he officially went loud with his conversion… I knew about his thoughts, and you know, that way his heart was leaning for a long time…”

He continued by saying that Andrew thought the majority of Catholic nations were too tolerant and lax. Tristan indicated that the main factor in Andrew’s decision to convert was the steadfast adherence to religion in many Islamic nations. He stated:

“A Muslim would never insult his prophet. He never insults his own god and that too if you are in a Muslim country or even in the presence of Muslim people and you were to insult their god or their prophet, they would be absolutely furious.”

Tristan Tate continued by pointing out that many Muslims place a high value on religion and would likely be offended if someone insulted Christian gods as well. Tristan Tate described the Tate brothers’ current abode in the UAE as follows:

“I feel perfectly at home in the middle east. I feel perfectly at home living with my brother who is now a Muslim. He is gonna put a Quran up above his title belt in the house. I have no problem with the book being in my house.”

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What did Andrew Tate say regarding his conversion?

Andrew Tate rushed to his alternative Twitter account (since deleted) to make the following announcement after his friends posted footage of his prayers on social media:

“This is why I’m Muslim. Any Christian who believes in good and understands the true battle against evil must convert. ‘So be patient, Indeed the promise of Allah is TRUTH.’ Quran 30:60.”

Additionally, he said the following when he spoke on the Full Send Podcast:

“I think it’s the last religion on the planet. I think it’s the last religion. So if it’s the last true religion on the planet, it has to be the correct one. It’s the last religion because no other religion has boundaries which they enforce. If you will tolerate everything, then you stand for nothing. If your book says, ‘X,’ but you refuse to say the book says this, I’m sticking to what the book says. Doesn’t matter what the subject is, right? I don’t want to expand.”

The general response from fans has been supportive, despite the fact that his conversion first generated a lot of criticism. If Andrew and Tristan Tate decide to remain in Dubai, that decision has yet to be made.

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