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“How Heavy Are the Weights on Your…”: Andrew Tate Claps Back at Chris Bumstead After Criticism From Three-Time Mr. Olympia Winner

An avid internet user might have heard of Andrew Tate on social media. The British American personality got massive fame after the pandemic. Tate is infamous for his controversial statements and ability to respond in a subtle way to his naysayers.

Recently, fans witnessed something similar in his latest Twitter post. The 36-year-old posted a video of himself working out on his yacht. He can be seen performing some bag drills and lifting weights.

However, a three-time Mr. Olympia Chris Bumstead wasn’t impressed with Tate’s video. He noticed a minor detail in Tate’s video and mocked the social media star in the comment section.

“Tiny weights,” Bumstead wrote. Staying true to his character, Tate in response wrote, “Heaviest weights I could find on the super yacht. How heavy are the weights on your yacht?” 

It is one of his famous lines that the social media star uses often to mock his haters.

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Chris Bumstead responds to Andrew Tate

Bumstead uploaded a screenshot of the conversation on his Instagram stories and wrote, “I don’t have a Twitter, but it is hilarious if it’s real.” 

Tate and his controversies

Tate is an entrepreneur. However, he hails from a combat sports background. He was a professional kickboxer. But stopped competing early. After that, ‘Top G’ indulged in multiple online businesses and made an audience for himself.

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However, the British American personality has fallen into controversy several times because of his unfiltered views. After the pandemic, he suffered massive backlash because of his controversial statements about women. As a result, he was banned from major social media platforms. But returned to Twitter after Elon Musk acquired it recently.

What are your thoughts on the exchange between Tate and Bumstead?

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