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Fans Convinced Jake Paul ‘Would End’ Andrew Tate After Sparring Video Goes Viral

To state that 2022 is the year of Andrew Tate would not be an overestimation in the slightest. The ‘Top G’ rose to prominence in the latter half of the year for his outlandish comments on numerous subjects. While he has received a vast collection of supporters in his esteemed patronage, he has also accumulated an equal number of adversaries. These include influencers turned boxers, KSI, Logan Paul, and last but not least, Jake Paul.

Tate was seen sparring in Dubai in October and November, having been a professional kickboxer himself. The 36-year-old had recent footage of himself sparring with his teammate posted in an isolated incident. Suffice it to say, the fans weren’t impressed.

Fans berate Andrew Tate’s boxing skills!

Andrew Tate’s rise to prominence coincides with his approach to life. It’s a testament to the way he perceives his life. A fighter through and through. Considering he has a background in martial arts, it’s no surprise that his outlook is just as aggressive.

The “Top G’s” latest sparring video received quite the backlash from fans. They claimed that were the 36-year-old to meet prominent boxing name Jake Paul in the boxing ring, the former would be defeated.

In the video, Tate can be seen putting the moves on his sparring partner in what appears to be a gym as he is surrounded around equipment. While the American-British personality does floor his counterpart, fans are unconvinced that the same fate awaits Paul.

Responding to the video, some fans have shared their thoughts on the footage.

While it does make for an intriguing argument, bear in mind that Andrew Tate is a former kickboxing world champion, while Paul is merely scratching the surface of his professional boxing career. Not to mention, his opponents have been former martial artists.

Quite a vast difference in experience.

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Jake Paul vs Andrew Tate?

Paul has stockpiled a reputation for himself, having emerged victorious over former MMA world champions, inside the boxing ring. The 25-year-old recently picked up a victory against renowned martial artist Anderson Silva.

And while he has called out Nate Diaz for a future contest, the door will always be open for an encounter against the ‘Top G’.

Make no mistake though, despite being 36 years old and having not engaged in professional competition in over five years, Tate still possesses’ the talent and charisma to overcome the challenge.

It would most definitely be a pay-per-view-worthy contest. And that would be purchased by thousands worldwide.

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