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Logan Paul affirms the existence of the Andrew Tate battle | 2022

After formally challenging Andrew Tate to a fight in the UFC, YouTube star Logan Paul has now announced that he is in talks with the contentious internet personality.

Although Andrew Tate may have been banned from social media, if this most recent Twitter exchange is any indication, he appears to have found a way back online.

Logan had previously opposed fighting Tate out of concern that it would give the influencer a platform, but during a podcast episode of Sean O’Malley’s “TimboSugaShow” on October 31, he reversed course and called Tate out.

“Why don’t we try something we’ve never done together?” Paul asked. “Good record. 0 and 0. Brother, let’s enter the f**king octagon. Me versus Tate in an MMA match at the UFC.

On the same day, Andrew Tate’s Twitter account, which is presumed to be his, posted his opinions on the matter, criticising Logan Paul while also expressing his willingness to engage in conflict with him.

He stated, “If the terms are fair to both sides, I would fight Logan in the cage and crush him.” He compared Logan to his younger brother, Jake, whom he lauded for “changing the boxing industry for the better.”

Logan responded enthusiastically to Tate’s statement, despite the verbal berating, and said he was open to whatever conditions Tate wanted for their possible fight.

Logan responded, “Holy sh*t this is awesome,” to the story. I was sincerely surprised that you accepted my offer. I literally just hung up the phone with our mutual contact, but I’m open to your request for a drug test and any other reasonable conditions. This will take place.

With Logan recently sighted practising his kicks in an MMA facility, it is likely that these two will square off in the Octagon as both Jake and Logan have been hinting at over the previous several weeks.

In addition, Jake hinted that he would be competing in a major mixed martial arts event after his jaw-dropping victory against Anderson Silva on October 29.

While there is still time for things to change, it appears like Andrew Tate will be the target of Logan’s attention, setting up one of the most exciting influencer-fighting encounters to yet.

Let’s wait for the fight!

Andrew Tate Life and his Personality

Early Life

-Big Brother and online Ventures
Social Media Presence

-Social Media Bans
Personal Life
Criminal Investigation
Kickboxing Record
Mix Martial Arts Record

-Professional Record
-Amateur Record

Emory Andrew Tate III, an American-British Internet personality and former professional kickboxer, was born on December 14, 1986. After retiring from kickboxing, Tate started selling paid memberships and courses on his website, and he later became well-known as an online influencer. Tate has been banned from multiple platforms as a result of his misogynistic statements on social media.

Early life

Tate was reared in Luton, England, after being born on December 14, 1986, in Washington, D.C. Chess International Master Emory Tate, an African-American, was the father of the boy. His mother was a helper at a restaurant. He has multiple races. Tate started playing chess when he was five years old and has since participated in youth competitions.



Tate began training in boxing and martial arts in 2005. The International Sport Kickboxing Association listed Tate as the seventh-best light-heavyweight kickboxer in Britain in November 2008. (ISKA). He won the British ISKA Full Contact Cruiserweight championship in Derby, England, in 2009 while working as a television ad salesman, and was ranked first in his division in all of Europe. He claimed it was his first belt and title despite having won 17 of his previous 19 fights. Tate lost to Jean-Luc Benoit by decision the first time around, then in their rematch in 2011, Tate defeated Benoit by knockout to win his first ISKA world title.Tate lost the Enfusion championship match to Franci Graj in December 2012. Prior to that, he had won 18 straight fights by knockout and was ranked as the second-best light-heavyweight kickboxer in the world. In 2013, Tate defeated Vincent Petitjean to win his second ISKA world title, making him a world champion in two different weight classes. Since then, he has given up fighting.

Big Brother and online ventures

Tate received criticism for his homophobic and racist tweets in 2016 while a guest on Big Brother’s seventeenth season. Tate was fired from the show just six days into his involvement after a video surfaced showing him seeming to abuse a woman with a belt. The acts in the film were consensual, according to both Tate and the woman, who claimed that they were friends.

Training programmes on wealth accumulation and “male-female interactions” are available on Tate’s website. The website claims that he also runs a webcam studio with girlfriends working there. In order to sell “false sob tales” to male callers, Tate and his brother’s webcam firm initially employed up to 75 webcam models. They claimed to have made millions of dollars doing this. The business concept, according to Tate, is a “complete swindle.”

Tate is the owner of Hustler’s University, a website where users may pay a monthly subscription to access training in subjects like dropshipping and cryptocurrency trading. Members of the platform got commissions for bringing new users to it through an affiliate marketing programme. Tate rose to prominence in 2022 by enticing Hustler’s University students to upload several films of him to social media sites in an effort to garner as much attention as possible. Its website had more than 100,000 subscribers as of August 2022. In the same month, Hustler’s University shut down its affiliate marketing programme and Stripe stopped handling subscription payments for the platform. A social media engagement pyramid is what Paul Harrigan, a marketing professor at the University of Western Australia, claimed the affiliate programme to be.

Social media presence

In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse allegations, Tate gained attention for his tweets outlining his definition of what constitutes sexual harassment as well as for making multiple statements regarding his belief that sexual assault victims bear some of the blame for their assaults. He received backlash in 2017 for stating that depression “isn’t real.”

Through his appearances on InfoWars and his relationships with far-right leaders like Paul Joseph Watson, Jack Posobiec, and Mike Cernovich, Tate first gained notoriety in far-right online communities. Tate rose to prominence over the summer of 2022, outranking both Donald Trump and COVID-19 in July’s Google searches. By August, Tate had been characterised as a “cult-like figure” to “young directionless guys” and lads who share his anti-feminist views by Rabbil Sikdar in The Independent. Tate has called himself “unquestionably sexist” and “unquestionably misogynistic.” He has argued that males prefer dating 18- and 19-year-olds because they have had sex with fewer guys and that women “belong in the home,” “can’t drive,” and are “given to the man and belong to the man.”

Tate’s speech is deemed “very sexist” and its potential long-term repercussions on his young male audience are “concerning” by The White Ribbon Campaign, a non-profit organisation that opposes male-on-female violence. According to a statement made by the anti-extremism organisation Hope not Hate, Tate’s social media presence could give his followers a “hazardous slip road towards the far-right.” Tate responded to criticism by saying that his material has “many films praising women” and mostly teaches his audience to stay away from “toxic and poor value people as a whole.” In addition, he said that he portrays a “comedic figure” and insisted that people had been misinformed about him.

Social media bans

Tate had three Twitter accounts suspended at various points. He created an account in 2021 to circumvent his prior ban, and Twitter validated it in violation of their standards. Following a permanent suspension of the account, Twitter claimed that the verification was a mistake. Tate had 4.7 million followers on Instagram, where he was permanently barred in August 2022 as a result of an online movement to deplatform him. Meta alleged that he had broken their “dangerous organisations and persons” policy. His account was also deleted by TikTok, where videos using his name as a hashtag have had 13 billion views, for violating their rules on “material that insults, threatens, incites violence against, or otherwise dehumanises a person or a group”. Soon after, Tate deleted his Twitch channel and YouTube suspended his channel for a number of reasons, including hate speech and COVID-19 misinformation.

In response to the bans, Tate stated that while the majority of his remarks were misconstrued, he accepts responsibility for how they were perceived. Jake Paul, a boxer and social media influencer, condemned Tate’s sexism but referred to the bans as forms of censorship. Media Matters for America, a watchdog organisation for the media, claims that Tate’s content was still being shared by fan accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok after the bans. After the bans, Tate switched to Gettr and Rumble, which momentarily topped the App Store charts.

Personal life

Tate declared his conversion to Islam on his Gettr account in October 2022. A video of Tate worshipping at a mosque in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, went viral.

Criminal investigation

The Romanian police searched Tate’s home on April 11, 2022 after receiving a tip from the American embassy that a woman from their country might be detained there. Later, the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism in Romania took up the investigation and broadened it to include claims of rape and human trafficking. The Romanian police said on April 27 that no one has been charged or detained in connection with the incident. As of mid-2022, the probe is still ongoing. Tate has denied doing anything illegal.

Mixed martial arts record

Professional record

Win2–1–0Shane KavanaghKO (punches)Ultimate Warrior Challenge 13Jun 6, 201013:00Essex, United Kingdom
Loss1–1–0Reza MeldavianDecision (unanimous)Ultimate Warrior Challenge 4Jun 2, 200735:00Essex, United Kingdom
Win1–0–0Matthew WilkinsDecision (unanimous)Ultimate Warrior Challenge 3Feb 24, 200725:00Essex, United Kingdom

Amateur Record

Win2–1–0Luke BarnattDecision (unanimous)Ultimate Warrior Challenge 12Mar 20, 201035:00Essex, United Kingdom
Loss1–1–0William MorleyDecision (unanimous)Ultimate Warrior Challenge 2Nov 4, 200625:00Southend-on-Sea, United Kingdom
Win1–0–0Lee MayoSubmission (guillotine choke)Ultimate Warrior Challenge 1Jun 10, 200621:05Southend-on-Sea, United Kingdom

Little about Logan Paul

Logan Alexander Paul, an American media personality, podcaster, actor, and professional wrestler, was born on April 1, 1995. He is presently under contract with WWE and competes on the Raw brand, however he is sidelined with a knee injury. His YouTube channel has over 23 million subscribers, and in 2017, 2018, and 2021, he was among the highest-paid YouTube creators according to Forbes. Since November 2018, Paul has also been in charge of the Impaulsive podcast, which has more than 4 million YouTube subscribers.

2013 saw Paul gain popularity after publishing sketches on the video-sharing website Vine. On October 18, 2013, he created TheOfficialLoganPaul on YouTube, where he began uploading often when the Vine app was discontinued. On August 29, 2015, he launched the Logan Paul Vlogs YouTube channel, which has since grown to be his most popular channel. In the United States, the channel was the 74th most subscribed to as of January 2022, with 23.2 million subscribers and over 5.8 billion views, making it one of the most popular channels on the platform.

Paul has performed in guest parts on the television shows Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Bizaardvark as well as in the movies The Thinning (2016) and The Thinning: New World Order (2018). He has also tried other things; he published his debut song in 2016 and competed in an amateur boxing battle against English media figure KSI in 2018. Generally speaking, the bout was a draw. In the professional rematch from 2019, KSI prevailed by split decision. Paul performed at events like SummerSlam, where he won his first singles match against The Miz, and Crown Jewel, where he lost to Undisputed WWE Champion Roman Reigns, after signing a multi-event contract with WWE in 2022.

Paul has been embroiled in a number of controversies, chiefly in connection with a trip to Japan in December 2017 when, while there, he visited the Aokigahara “suicide forest,” photographed a suicide victim’s body, and posted the image to his YouTube channel.

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