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Andrew Tate claims on Twitter that he is not guilty of human trafficking

Andrew Tate, a controversial red pill influencer, addressed the accusations of human trafficking on Twitter.

At the end of December 2022, Romanian police conducted a raid on Tate and his brother’s residence as part of an investigation into a human trafficking network. They were also joined in their detention by two other suspects. His assets have been taken, and he is currently being held while the inquiry is ongoing. Tate has continuously declared his innocence on social media.

Andrew Tate denies human trafficking charges on Twitter

Through Twitter, Andrew Tate has communicated with his devoted fan base while remaining all but silent throughout the investigation. Tate has effectively acknowledged in prior recordings to tricking and kidnapping women for sex work, but young boys have persisted in insisting that he is innocent, cheering his most recent tweets written while he was being held.

On January 14, Tate tweeted, “Anyone who thinks I’m a human trafficker is genuinely stupid.

Tate continued to discuss the topic on January 15 and advised those who thought he was a human trafficker to “go and take their 10th immunisation.” Tate claims that the police detained him in order to “search for evidence,” but they later declared they wouldn’t find any since “it doesn’t exist.”

What proof the investigators are looking for and what they require to move on with the investigation are both unknown. But Tate is currently detained for 30 days, with the option for an extension at the discretion of the judge. Tate might be detained for as long as 180 days while the inquiry is ongoing. The judge rejected Tate’s attorneys’ request to appeal the 30-day imprisonment.

Meanwhile, six other women have come forward to lodge claims against Tate, accusing him of both human trafficking and cruelty. Audio of Tate confessing to rape has also been leaked. The investigation is still open at this time.

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