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Andrew Tate tells YouTuber Adin Ross his hyped boxing match with Jake Paul probably won’t happen | Andrew Tate vs Jake Paul

  • Andrew Tate told YouTuber Adin Ross he doesn’t think a planned fight with Jake Paul will happen.
  • Tate said there are “a lot of negotiations behind the scenes.”

On a recent livestream with the influencer Adin Ross, Andrew Tate said it’s unlikely the much-anticipated fight between him and influencer-turned-boxer Jake Paul is going to happen.

“I don’t think me and Jake Paul are going to fight,” Tate told Ross in response to a question about the match. “There’s a lot of negotiations behind the scenes. It’s not a simple process.”

Paul previously teased a potential fight between the two in early November, posting a video on Twitter with the caption “Negotiations” that showed the two men shirtless and staring menacingly at each other. The clip garnered over 11 million views and hundreds of comments.

Jake Paul and Andrew Tate in combat sports

The two were also captured days later in another Twitter video, uploaded by Paul’s micro-betting company Betr, that showed them locking eyes intensely at the Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Deji Olatunji match in Dubai.

“You want the smoke, young man?” Tate could be heard asking Paul, who said he did. A date had not yet been set for the match.

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