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Andrew Tate slams new streamers, calls them “dumba**es”

Andrew Tate, a controversial internet personality, recently appeared on a podcast hosted by Rich Cooper, an entrepreneur and content creator. During the podcast, Tate criticized the younger generation of streamers and YouTubers who have gained significant wealth at a young age.

Without mentioning specific names, Tate described these individuals as “dumba**es” and claimed that they do not appreciate their positions and recklessly spend their money. It is believed that Tate’s comments were directed at individuals such as Logan Paul and Felix “xQc,” with whom he has had past conflicts.

During the podcast, Andrew Tate mentioned Adin Ross, stating that he has had a good relationship with Ross and expressing faith in him. It is not clear in what context Tate mentioned Ross or how Ross is related to the topic of the podcast.

Andrew Tate calls out young creators, believes they are using their money on “dumb sh*t”

Andrew Tate, a controversial internet personality, recently criticized the younger generation of content creators on a podcast, claiming that they have too much money and spend it on unnecessary or frivolous items. The 35-year-old specifically mentioned self-made millionaires in his comments. It is not clear which individuals he was referring to or in what context he made these statements.

"These kids aren't supposed to have this much money. They're dumba**es. They're children. Before the internet, the idea that you could become a self-made millionaire at 21 was absolutely impossible..."

He continued:

"So you're giving all these kids money and clout and attention, what do you think they're doing with it? Dumb sh*t, gambling, drugs, buying girls presents, hanging around with h**s, stupid sh*t. They're literally lost, their souls are lost, their hearts and minds are lost..."

When asked if any of these creators have taken his advice, Andrew Tate responded:

"I have faith in Adin. Only one I have some faith left in so I'm trying hard with Adin to show him that if I was his age with his kind of money I would be so far ahead than I already am."

Speaking on Twitch, he exclaimed:

"Everyone on Twitch is a loser and there's full grown men on there as well and I've spoken to them and they're losers. All of them."

Fans share their reaction to the interview

Despite being de-platformed on major social media sites, Andrew Tate’s popularity has not diminished. His recent interview with Rich Cooper went on to garner a lot of comments. Here are some of them:

Fans share their comments (Image via Braso YouTube)

Andrew and his brother, both internet personalities, have created their own podcast called the Tate Speech. The show is available for listening on various platforms such as Apple Music, Audible, and Rumble. Whether you are a fan of the brothers or simply interested in hearing their unique perspectives, the Tate Speech is worth checking out.

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