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Andrew Tate: Romanian teens explain how he approached them on social media

    When Daria Gusa, then 16 and still in school, claims to have gotten a private message from prominent influencer Andrew Tate, who is nearly 20 years her senior, on Instagram, she was still enrolled in school.

    Daria said, “He placed some flirting emoji and it just stated ‘Romanian girl’.” I was perplexed because the account was private and I had only 200 followers.

    She is one of two adolescents who told the BBC how Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan found them online and presumably used a predetermined formula to contact them.

    We were clearly high school girls, Daria remarked. “We included information about our high school in our bio. In my perspective, he was simply looking for ladies who were as innocent or naive as possible.”

    She displayed a screenshot of the unreplied-to communication for us. However, she claims that several of her pals did.

    Being the daughter of a well-known Romanian politician, Daria, who is currently enrolled in university in the UK, feels empowered to speak out in public while others have declined to be interviewed.

    The Tate brothers are being detained in Romania for 30 days as police look into rape and trafficking claims, which both men deny.

    Andrew Tate appears to give advice on how to approach women on social media in a video that was shared online.

    He states in the recording, “In my experience, what creates curiosity [and] encourages them to answer [is]… I inquire where they are.”

    Sometimes I’ll add an utterly meaningless emoji at the end, like some cherries, an orange, or a strawberry, just to add mystery.

    Daria claims that several young men have accused her of lying after hearing about her encounters.

    She informed me, “Even guys I knew in high school are labelling me a liar for saying I once got a message from Andrew Tate. However, they don’t consider any of the other charges to be unusual.

    Daria gusa

    She claims that many males her age look up to 36-year-old Andrew Tate.

    She informed me that this was a serious issue since we couldn’t wake up in 20 years to two million Andrew Tates.

    In promoting his online classes on controlling and taking advantage of women, Andrew Tate said: “I’ve had a webcam studio for more than ten years now. At the time, I had over 50% of my employees who were actually my girlfriends, and NONE of them had worked in the adult entertainment industry prior to meeting me.”

    He explains what he does as “to get a date, a few dates, and a night out with a girl… The advertisement adds, “get her to fall in love with me to the point where she would do anything I said, and then get her on web-cam so we could both become rich.”

    He had vowed never to date a woman older than 25.

    Tate contacted Gabriela (not her real name) on social networking when she was 17 years old, however she later claimed to be 19 years old.

    In order to hide her identity, she requested that we refer to her as Gabriela.

    She displayed his first message to me, which said, “You’re gorgeous.”

    She said, “I knew he was doing the same thing with other girls. He always begins a discussion by saying, “You’re beautiful,” exactly once.


    Gabriela claimed that Tristan Tate sent exactly the same opening message to a friend of hers.

    The remark “you are gorgeous” isn’t awful as an opener, according to Andrew Tate in his YouTube video, who then goes on to describe what he calls “a wonderful example” of a conversation.

    Mr. Tate suggests that males inquire after learning the woman’s location: “Why don’t I see you often? Where are you evacuating to?”

    In the recording, he states that “99% of them say [they] are not hiding.”

    Exactly this seems to have occurred during the conversation with Gabriela.

    Screenshots of what is allegedly Tristan Tate’s interaction with her reveal his subsequent message to be exactly as Andrew describes it: “I feel like I’ve seen you around town before. That seems possible. What have you been doing there?”

    It’s possible, Gabriela responds. “I didn’t run away.

    Gabriela claims he invited her to a party and to a drive-around in his car, but she turned them down.

    Screenshots of their chat show that it quickly came to an end after she shared a video about him online.

    “If influential people see you acting in this way, they won’t ever want to write you. merely a polite reminder, “He said in one of his last messages.

    The Tate brothers contacting and inviting females online who are 16 or 17 is not against the law.

    However, Andrew Tate’s online comments and these young women’s testimonies point to a technique of interaction that was pre-planned.

    The BBC is aware of the screenshots that seem to back up these women’s statements. The messages appear to be coming from accounts whose usernames coincide with those used by Andrew and Tristan Tate before to their application ban.

    The BBC has not been able to independently confirm the messages’ veracity or determine if Andrew and Tristan Tate issued the texts themselves or someone acting on their behalf.

    Through their attorney, the BBC has made these accusations to the Tate brothers and requested a response.

    Even while he is in detention, Andrew Tate’s social media accounts have continued to post updates.

    He stated on Thursday that five people had been given permission to visit him while he was being held, including Adin Ross, a 22-year-old American influencer with millions of followers who claimed to be travelling to Romania on Thursday.

    The Tate brothers have not yet been charged with anything. In a little more than a week, their 30-day jail stint will come to an end.

    The accusations against them remain untested despite all of the confessional recordings and commentary on their personal lives; any supporting documentation is currently hidden from the public’s eyes.

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