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Andrew Tate rants about Logan Paul’s career choices in a Podcast!

Andrew Tate referred to Logan Paul as a “performing clown” during an edition of ‘The War Room’ podcast with his brother Tristan Tate.

Here is what Tate said:

"You have no interest in the things my brother and I are interested in, we're interested in the future of humanity, in allowing people to have open discourse and discussion. All you care about is keeping your little f**king YouTube channel because you are a performing clown at mercy of his masters.
"Logan is a man who says anything because he thinks he's supposed to say that. So that the people in charge don't take his YouTube channel away, because if he loses it he has nothing else."

Check out the full podcast below:

Andrew Tate and Logan Paul have had a history of publicly criticizing each other. It is unclear what specifically caused their friendship to end or what led to the scrutiny from major press outlets. It is also not accurate to say that Andrew Tate was banned from all social media sites. Without more context, it is not possible to provide further information on the events or circumstances surrounding their relationship.

Logan Paul then used his platform to criticize the former kickboxing world champion as well, saying:

“I don’t feel like giving him the blessing of being my dance partner in the ring, the sh*t that Andrew Tate is saying will have a ripple effect much more dangerous than you can imagine.
"His rhetoric has extreme negative energy in it and it will affect impressionable young people that will not show until years from now and it is dangerous."

Andrew Tate vs. Logan Paul

A month ago on Jeff Wittek’s podcast ‘Jeff FM’, Paul claimed he had visions of choking out Tate in an MMA matchup. After they “finally signed up for an MMA fight”, he claimed to have “choked him out in 15 seconds”.

Check out the full interview below:

Andrew Tate and Logan Paul have a longstanding feud that has continued to escalate over time. In the past, Andrew Tate has retweeted reactions from fans to Logan Paul’s negative comments about Jesus and Christianity. In an appearance on the Valuetainment podcast, Andrew Tate also made comments about Logan Paul. It is not clear from the information provided what specifically was said or the context in which it was said. Without more information, it is not possible to provide further context or clarification on the events or circumstances surrounding their feud.

“So first things first I wanna be absolutely clear that Logan Paul is utterly and absolutely a tool of the matrix (society). He’s a bought and sold individual with no soul, he doesn’t stand up for anything and he doesn’t mean anything that he says. He can flip-flop on any issue, he can be bought and sold. The dude’s a b*tch”.

Check out the full coverage below:

Currently, negotiations are underway for a potential fight between Andrew Tate and Jake Paul. There are no current serious discussions about a fight between Logan Paul and Andrew Tate.

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