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Andrew Tate: ‘My Mother Was Mean and Hard’- Cobra Tate Makes Surprising Claim About Mother Eileen Tate from Home Arrest

Andrew Tate: ‘My Mother Was Mean and Hard’: UFC News: Most of us know Cobra Tate, as a social media personality who…

Andrew Tate: ‘My Mother Was Mean and Hard’: UFC News: Most of us know Cobra Tate, as a social media personality who is famous to always get into controversies for his rough and misogynistic comments over the internet, or as a professional kickboxer. Follow UFC News Updates with InsideSport.IN.

Andrew Tate has been released from the Romanian Prison but has been kept under house arrest with constant monitoring, along with his brother Tristan Tate. Both brothers are kept separately from one another but are happy to be united with their family.

But what most of us do not know is the childhood story of Andrew Tate or what kind of upbringing the man had. Had this millionaire always been a misogynist or was it the difficulties that came in his path, that made him shape his thinking accordingly. Lets get into a little history of Andrew Tate’s childhood with this article.

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Andrew Tate parents marriage fell apart in 1977. Most of the reason being Emory Tate’s pathetic lifestyle and his mentality. It had become very difficult for Eileen (Andrew’s mother) as Emory was never home. He would stay away from home for weeks, the family could never be sure when would they get to see their father again or would there be enough money to serve food on the table.

Tristan and Andrew parents played a huge part in their lives, like any other family this family too had numerous ups and downs. After their parents divorce Andrew Tate’ mother moved to London with her children. Back then the family was poor and they had to learn English accent, definitely the move was difficult for the family.

Emory was accused of exaggerating military intelligence because Emory suffered from a mental problem. He left the Air Force on good terms but avoided talking about it. A podcast interview with Andrew included the son’s revelation that his father was diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder.

Emory was an exemplary chess tutor but had problems dealing with the paperwork, often Eileen had to step into the scene to complete the forms for the children’s chess tournament, because their father had neglected to do so.

Andrew Tate said in one of his podcast that Emory was the one who taught his sons to fight, he often would present them with pillows that the sons could kick. Andrew considers his dad to be his mentor as he taught him how to play chess, while also in kickboxing commanded him to fight without any defense hands down, as Emory had been doing all his life.

Emory believed, and passed this thought process to his sons that the eternal problem of all the alpha male was to protect his flock of women. Also in one of the interview’s Andrew had mentioned that his father would always travel around the country to participate in chess tournaments, which meant that he could not see his father for weeks. Once his father had returned home from one of his tournaments, it hadn’t been an hour that both his parents got into a big argument after which his father left the house and, he dint see his father for another week.

The story to which Andrew Tate has revealed in his tweet, Lets see what went down between Tate’s parents, that particular day.

This story instead of grabbing affection towards him and his father turned up against him as people flooded the comment section, with how Andrew is at wrong for making comments against women, and it wasn’t his mother who was at fault but his father, who after making comments about being an alpha male left his family in the first place, also shaved his fathers son, when he himself have screamed on his ex wife for creating a fuss out of a haircut they dint like.

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