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Andrew Tate criticizes Twitch streamers, saying “they’re all clowns.”

Andrew Tate: Well-known Twitch streamers have come under fire from controversial social media personality Andrew Tate, who called them stupid.

Four-time world kickboxing champion Andrew Tate rose to fame thanks to his ‘Top G’ life lessons and the controversy surrounding his misogynistic statements about women.

Tate has, however, referred to Twitch and its streamers as “stupid” and has been extremely critical of them.

Tate was questioned about Adin Ross and what other Twitch streamers are losing out on during a recent episode of the Entrepreneurs in Cars podcast with Rich Cooper.

At that point, Andrew veered off topic and started talking about young Twitch stars who had amassed fortunes at a young age.

He said, “These kids shouldn’t have so much money.”

They are stupid. They’re young. Before the internet, becoming a millionaire at the age of 21 was an impossibility; at a business meeting, no one would take you seriously. It was impossible to achieve.

Tate continued, “It is now possible. What do you suppose these youngsters are doing with the money, power, and attention you’re giving them? Gambling, using drugs, purchasing presents for girls, hanging out with whores, and other dumb things. They are indeed lost; their hearts, minds, and souls are also lost. They have no prior experience.

“All of them are fucking clowns. Every single person I’ve spoken to on Twitch has been a clown.None of them are serious people.”

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