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Andrew Tate complains about “cockroaches, lice and bed bugs” in dark prison cell

Controversial former kickboxer Andrew Tate has stated that bed bugs, cockroaches, and lice are a constant problem in his prison cell.

In connection with an investigation into alleged rape, human trafficking, and the formation of an organised crime gang, Tate, 36, was detained last month alongside his brother Tristan and two other unidentified individuals. A Romanian court decided that their custody might be extended until February 27. They had been jailed for 30 days and were scheduled for release at the end of January.

Tate spoke of the conditions in his cell, which “had no light,” in his first email to followers following his arrest. This was the message: “They are attempting to destroy me. being thrown into a dark cell. My sole companions at night are bed bugs, bed lice, and cockroaches. I am completely respectful while being transported to and from the courtroom by the guards. They want to instil enmity in my heart.

Tate claims in his communication that the jail guards are aware of his identity and made many references to them “innocent”. With the use of a Twitter account he posted, the former four-time kickboxing world champion is now able to receive emails while incarcerated.

Tate and his brother gained notoriety on social media last year when videos of them on TikTok received billions of views. They have refuted the accusations made against them. The contentious kickboxer, known by the moniker “Cobra” throughout his career, had most of his social media accounts deleted, but once Elon Musk took control of the site, he was allowed back on Twitter.

According to Romanian authorities, the four defendants, including Andrew and Tristan, “to have established an organised crime organisation with the aim of enlisting, housing, and utilising women by compelling them to produce pornographic content. They would have made huge financial gains.”

Tate has continued to tweet after going to jail, but it’s not clear if he is posting the tweets himself or through a representative. He recently tweeted the following: “There is hardly any noise in the pitch-black solitude of solitary confinement. With another reading: “Pray for me; I can hear you. Everything horrible happens at once. That’s the way life is. Get ready. Admire the storm. Sing as it rains. Be on the lookout for the rainbow.”

After spending more than three weeks behind bars, the 36-year-old has been granted visitation, and well-known Twitch streamer Adin Ross has said he will be going to Romania to see Tate. Tate’s account tweeted, “I’ve just filled in my visitation form.” I’m permitted five visitors in addition to my attorney, of whom Adin Ross is the fifth.

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