Andrew Tate claims he can beat Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen in his $3.8 million Bugatti


Earlier this year, a video of Andrew Tate disrespecting Lewis Hamilton during a race surfaced. He made fun of the 7-time F1 Champion’s height and life choices which led to a lot of backlashes aimed towards Tate. After a series of controversial events on social media surrounding him, Tate was banned from all platforms including Twitter.

However, the former professional kickboxer had his account reinstated following Elon Musk’s takeover earlier this month. In terms of the material he posted, he continued where he left off.


Tate was one of the many influential people that attended the 2022 F1 season finale on Sunday at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi. He asserted once more that defeating F1 drivers would be a simple chore for him. He uploaded a video of himself standing on a balcony and said, “Might go down there in my Bugatti and beat them all,” as the description.

Tate travels in a $3.8 million Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport. The idea that Tate would defeat Lewis Hamilton or Max Verstappen in a race was mocked by fans once more on social media.

Lewis Hamilton forced to retire at 2022 Abu Dhabi GP as Sebastian Vettel finishes career with a point

Hamilton has never before in his career ended an F1 season without taking home a single race victory. To continue the run, he was hoping for a miracle in Abu Dhabi on Sunday, but he was too far behind.

In the last laps, a malfunction with his gear shafts prompted Hamilton to retire even though he was on track to place fifth. Although the 37-year-old was eager for the season to conclude, this definitely wasn’t how he had hoped it would.

Meanwhile, Sebastian Vettel recently competed in his final F1 race. The 35-year-old, who started the race in eighth place, made a lot of progress right away. But when the race came to a close, his pace slowed a little bit, and he could only earn one point by placing tenth. As Vettel did donuts on the track following the race, the public yearned for Hamilton and Fernando Alonso to join him. Unfortunately, Vettel retired early, forcing the other two to follow.

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