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Andrew Tate and Tristian Tate Released From House Arrest But Banned To Leave Romania

Andrew Tate and Tristian Tate are released from home arrest. Per the official order of a Bucharest court. However, Tate’s spoke person…

Andrew Tate and Tristian Tate are released from home arrest. Per the official order of a Bucharest court. However, Tate’s spoke person confirmed that Top G and his brother ‘Talisman’ Tristian Tate won’t be able to leave the country of Romania. Follow Combat Sports News Updates with InsideSport.IN.

Andrew Tate was arrested under alleged charges of human trafficking, r*pe, and many more criminal offenses in November 2022. He served a brief period in jail followed by a house arrest.

That said, Bucharest court has now released the Tate brothers for lacking enough evidence against them. Meanwhile, Andrew Tate shall not get close to any other defendants, witnesses of the case, or the alleged victims and their family members.

Top G’s spokesperson Mateea Petrescu said in a statement, “This positive outcome gives us confidence that more favorable developments are on the horizon,”

The Romanian Police took the Tate brothers into police custody, along with two more women. As per the court’s order, all four defendants will have to follow certain geographical restrictions. They cannot move around with complete freedom.

They are limited to the area under Bucharest municipality and the Ilfov County. Upon moving beyond these areas, all four defendants need to get the judge’s approval beforehand.

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Andrew Tate’s latest tweet cites that he has spent 10 months in arrest. After serving three months in prison, administration ordered a house arrest of 7 months for the Tate brothers.

He wrote, “After 10 months. 3 in jail, 7 at home. After 15 million euro of asset seizures. After an inditement based on nothing. The file was passed to a Judge who has ruled it weak and circumstantial. I have been released from house arrest, but must remain within Romania.”

Andrew Tate and Tristian Tate Released: ‘Talisman’ Tate lashes out at haters

Despite having geographical restrictions, Tristian Tate tagged himself free. He conveyed his trust towards the law on Twitter. ‘Talisman’ also lashed out at his haters and Internet trolls.

Tristian Tate wrote, “Judges have release me from house arrest. It doesn’t matter how many fake screenshots haters share on X. Imagine having spent 2 years running an account showing old videos saying I’m “guilty”. Losers. Justice is justice. The law is the law. Evidence is evidence.”

While the legal case continues in court, the Tate brothers will have to appear when asked and keep on proving their innocence.

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