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Achraf Hakimi Net Worth: Millionaire Achraf Hakimi gets $15 million from PSG, Check assets of Moroccan superstar after denying owning anything in court – Check here

Achraf Hakimi’s Net Worth: PSG star Achraf Hakimi is in the headlines due to his divorce story with his wife Hiba Abouk.…

Achraf Hakimi’s Net Worth: PSG star Achraf Hakimi is in the headlines due to his divorce story with his wife Hiba Abouk. His net worth has been discussed a lot in the media. The Moroccan international has a reported net worth of $24 million. The best part is that 80 percent net worth is owned by his mother. Hakimi has a big affection towards his mother and we saw this bond in World Cup 2022. Follow Ligue 1 LIVE Updates on InsideSport.IN

The income was revealed amid Hakimi’s divorce from actress Hiba Abouk. Hakimi is 12 years younger than Abouk and the actress owns $2 million net worth. Her earnings come from her acting career and sponsorships.

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The whole drama started in February when Hakimi was accused in a rape case in Paris. Hiba couldn’t defend his husband and she remained silent. She ended the silence but decided to separate from the 24-year-old star. They have two children as well.

This separation could have succeeded with him giving up $8.5 million. Hakimi managed to hide the fact that nothing is in his name as the player has already given 80% of his income to his mom.

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Hakimi’s wife had no idea about this and she didn’t expect that she will walk away with a very short amount from this separation. She never realized that his mother was the one making all the purchases, including cars, jewelry, and clothes.

During this entire episode, Hakimi got support as well. He received appreciation from Andrew Tate for finding the loophole to keep his money. However, the PSG star also faced outrage.

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What is the actual net worth of Hakimi?  

Hakimi makes about $1 million per month from Paris Saint Germain. Meanwhile, the PSG defender keeps only 20 percent. 80% of PSG’s salary (Approx $215,000 per week) goes into his mother’s bank account.

If we calculate the data, Hakimi stands sixth as the highest-paid player in Africa. His popularity gained numbers since his successful campaign in Qatar. He led Morocco to its maiden World Cup semifinals. His nation become the first African nation to achieve this milestone. During his tough time in Paris due to the rape case, his club and country showed support.

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