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5 Common Drop Shipping Problems every drop shippers face!

Drop shipping has become a buzz in the e-commerce world these days and for plenty good reasons, and along with it comes the common drop shipping problems every drop shippers face!

Why Drop Shipping is a hot topic for ecommerce merchants?

Drop shipping appears to be an amazing approach to start an e-commerce company and it seems so simple to accomplish too for many, which is why drop shipping is a trendy topic for e-commerce retailers. Let’s first examine the benefits and drawbacks of establishing an online company that offers drop shipping.

Advantages of drop shipping at a glance.

  1. You are not required to own any shares.
  1. Your financial commitment is negligible. Hell, you can launch an eCommerce drop shipping business for practically nothing.
  1. You won’t have to worry about completing orders, which is one of the things that draw so many people to this type of eCommerce.
  1. It can easily be operated from any location. Running a drop shipping business from the US is possible while enjoying a hot Rio morning cup of coffee.

Major disadvantages of drop shipping you might need to know.

  • When you operate a drop ship business, you essentially cede management of a significant component of your enterprise to someone else.
  • Your orders are processed by a producer or a drop shipper, not by you.
  • You don’t really have much control over when that will occur. You have no way of knowing whether you are at the head of the line or the back.
  • The packaging, the contents of the pack, and all of that are merely the tip of the iceberg and are beyond your control.

In other words, after you have given the order, you have no further control over its execution. And this is where the majority of drop shipping issues first appear.

I want to help you be better equip to deal with common drop shipping problems

If you are considering beginning a drop shipping business, give it some thought first. I want to provide you a better knowledge of the issues drop shippers frequently encounter so that you will be better prepared to handle them. The concerns and problems you will most likely encounter when operating a drop shipping business are listed below. I also researched how to handle difficulties as they arise so that you can deal with them as they arise.

Let’s dive right in!

How to Solve the 5 Common Drop Shipping Problems every drop shippers face!

#1: The “Item Out of Stock” problem!

In terms of drop shipping issues, the terrible “Item Out of Stock” notice is arguably the most frequent. It is never a guarantee that a product someone ordered from your site will be available at the point of delivery, no matter how producers and order fulfilment businesses work hard to keep their ecommerce partners informed about the availability of the goods.

This could be for one of two reasons: Either the manufacturer ran out of supply, or It was fully discontinued without your knowledge.

What to do if an item is out of stock.

Call your client and get on the phone. Be honest and direct. Sending him an email at this time is NOT a good idea. Try to obtain a product from a different supplier if at all possible. As an alternative, investigate if you can obtain a product made by a different manufacturer. Give a consumer whatever possible choices you may have. They frequently are pleased to adjust their order to a different product.

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#2: The “Order Processing Delay” Problem

The “Delay with Order Processing” problem is the second most frequent drop shipping issue that all drop shippers experience. Through your store, you got an order. You hurriedly place it with the manufacturer and wait for it to be processed so that you might notify the customer that it has shipped and provide them the tracking number. However, the order confirmation never shows up.

What to do if the processing of your order is delayed.

Contact your supplier right away to follow up. Customers are accustomed to having their orders fulfilled in less than 24 hours. Even if the order isn’t handled in that time, you at least understand why and have an idea of when it will. Never wait for your customer to call you to place an order; always take the initiative. Managing an online store is 99% a matter of trust. You must take the initiative in this.

#3: The “Wrong Item Sent to Customer” Problem

I experienced this a little under a year ago. When the item arrived at my door, I was shocked to learn that it was a 4 inch diameter medicine ball rather than the 6 inch diameter I had ordered for my kid. After giving it some thought, I decided to accept the item after almost refusing. I inform the seller of the error in a message and say a few things to him. However, not many clients are tolerant.

Fact: Delivering the incorrect product to a customer is poor customer service. Regardless matter the customer’s genuine intentions, it always leaves a negative impression. Furthermore, the drop shipper is always at fault, regardless of the situation.

One of the worst things about drop shipping is this. Whatever the error was and whoever committed it, the consequences always fall on you and your reputation.

How to do you handle it when “wrong items are sent to customers”.

Understand the return policies of your producer or drop shipper. When a client complaint arises, this will be useful. They will be able to follow your instructions as soon as possible. Second, as a mark of your regret, give your customer a discount on his subsequent transactions.

Always read the drop shipping company’s invoice. They typically send them out before the products leave the warehouse, so if you see an incorrect item or quantity on them, call them right once to cancel the purchase.

#4: The “Shipment Went to a Wrong Address” Problem

When delivery men knock on our home, we occasionally ask, “Did you order anything? Or should we prepare for a delivery? We experienced it a few times. Despite the fact that the package was intended for someone else, our home’s address appears on the delivery receipt for some reason.

We are aware that different producers handle orders and deliveries in different ways. Some want you to send them over, while others would rather you place your phone order. Even while using email considerably minimises the likelihood of a spelling error, it nevertheless happens occasionally that the person in charge makes a mistake and enters the incorrect address. However, this frequently occurs with telephone purchases.Orders get shipped to an address that doesn’t exist or different address.Or to a completely different person.

How to handle things when “items are sent to a wrong person”.

Request a confirmation of the shipment address you gave the manufacturer or drop shipper right away. As soon as you are made aware of the issue, investigate the source of the error. Offer to mail the item again as soon as you can at no extra expense to the buyer.

#5: The “Item Arrived Damaged” Problem

This is most likely the embarrassing issue that all drop shipping merchants deal with. On the internet, there are numerous complaints similar to this. Take, for instance, a “Customer Return Information” page that a dissatisfied customer of one of the top online retailers in the world today put on social media!

Someone who received a delivery of a damaged item posted this one! She purchased a product that was on sale for “Buy 1 Take 1.” but was given a flawed replacement item in its place.

Here is what the consumer wrote about the experience on social media.

Even if they are aware that the item is damaged, it is still unacceptable that they delivered it damaged. I don’t see why they would deliver it to a new buyer when the report that is pasted on the box is extremely obvious.

Is XXXXXXX a retailer I’ll use again? Never!!

How to handle when an item arrived damaged.

Check the return policy of your producers once more. The solution to this issue is actually rather simple. The manufacturer will often send out a replacement item or part. Understanding your manufacturer’s warranty terms and restrictions will help you deal with problems like this.

Be accessible to your customers if a package contains a damaged item.

Drop shipping e-commerce firms also frequently deal with problems like improper tracking codes, incorrect consumer billing, and maybe wrong amount deliveries. However, the five issues mentioned above are the most typical ones we see in the drop shipping industry today.

It can appear simple to operate a drop shipping company. A producer whose products you use or a drop shipping company they use to send their goods, over which you have no influence, will be largely dependent on in such a business model, which is unfortunate. As always, mistakes can occur when you give someone else responsibility of a crucial component of your organisation.

Please share your thoughts on these five issues that affect drop shipping the most, as well as the remedies provided. Do you accept the proposed solution? Comment below and let us know. Do you have suggestions for how to deal with some of the issues? Share it freely if you would.

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